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March 15, 2015

by Virginia Scott


We are suffering from Spring fever and this beautiful weather. We have had several Geocachers stop by and leave us notes and surprises. The trees and bushes are starting to bloom. These early bloomers have me nervous do to the fact that our history reveals that winter is not over in the Panhandle until May. I will review this history in our History section.

Pam Haines opened her community garden park on Friday with nearly all of the citizens in attendance. Pam's creativity has been great for Lipscomb. She created our lending library and now our garden. Thanks Pam.

Our Reception for Jo Le Ginter will be April 12 at 2 pm.


The following timeline records the major storms that have occurred :

April, 1935 - Dark Sunday dust storm

April, 1938 - Blizzard snow storm

April, 1947 - Tornado, major F-5

April, 1957 - Blizzards that required train delivery of hay and supplies.

April, 1971 - Blizzard that required helicopter delivery of hay and supplies.

April, 1999 - Spring rains that brought floods to Booker and Wolf Creek.

If you have stories of natural signs that signifies the coming of spring, please send them to us. The one I love and it seems to be true is the one from Marie Schneider that when the yucca blooms spring is here.

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