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March 2, 2014

by Virginia Scott


We are proceeding nicely on the new addition and the group is busy trying to decide on the design of exhibits and our needs for the new areas. The expanse will allow us to move some of our present exhibits into a new area and allow expansion of the exhibit. In doing this,it frees up space in the present museum. So it will allow expansion or development of new exhibits in the present museum. With this said, don't expect the new area to be opened as soon as the building is completed. We will work as fast as we can in getting everything ready but creativity and research takes time. If you want to help us create, come on down.

I will be going to a meeting in Amarillo this week if the weather clears. As I am writing this on Monday morning, the weather is 11 degrees with snow on the ground. The museum is closed with promise for a thaw on Tuesday and Georgia will venture down. I hope all of you stayed in your warm house and off these icy roads.

We will be sending out 2014 membership renewals this month, so watch for it in the mail. This years majority of funds will again be put toward the new addition. I will be reporting on the project budget in future columns. We are lucky in that due to your generous support, we will have the building paid for when finished.


Sunday, March 2 was Texas' 178th birthday. On March 2, 1836, when Texas was still part of Mexico, 59 delegates gathered at Washington, Texas, to sign the Texas Declaration of Independence. The fierce battles that ensued- including the fall of the Alamo on March 6; the massacre of Texian soldiers by order of Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna on March 27; and finally, the decisive Battle of San Jacinto, led by major General Sam Houston on April 21- established Texas as an independent nation. Texas remained sovereign for nearly 10 years, until December 29, 1845, when the Lone Star State became part of the United States.

On March 2, numerous events occur throughout the state with the biggest probably at the Washington on the Brazos with one of the official birthday parties for Texas. If you want to celebrate this week, here is the toast written by one of our Texas historians:

"To Texas.... Joyous and sparkling, Evergreen when it rains, enduring in drought; Timeless, endless in boundaries, exciting; Home to the adventurous of yesterday and today; With shrines from the past and space and spirit for the future. To Texas. Everlasting in the hearts of your people!"

Celebrate Texas !!!!

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