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January 19, 2014

by Virginia Scott


My husband, Ed and I ventured to Borger on Friday to receive a gift of 61 chairs from the Hutchinson County Historical Museum. The chairs are a combination of folding and padded styles so we will have a nice combination of chairs for our new addition that will allow us to seat 100 people comfortably. We thank the Hutchinson Museum and hope they enjoy their new chairs as much as we will enjoy their old ones.

The building is coming along well and we will start planning our new space and the reorganization of the present space. Stay tuned for updates.


Martin Luther King birthday is the celebrated this week as the second federal holiday of the year. He began his campaign against segregation in 1955. He had just received his doctorate degree in theology. He had moved to Montgomery, Alabama to preach at a Baptist church. he saw there, as in many other southern states, that African-Americans had to ride in the back of public buses. Dr,. King knew that this law iolated the rights of every African-american. he organized and led a boycott of the public buses in the city of Montgomery. Any person, black or white, who was against segregation refused to use ppublic transportation. Those people who boycotted were threatened or attacked by other people, or even arrested or jailed by the police. After 382 days of boycotting the bus system, the Supreme court declared that the Alabama state segregation law was unconstitutional. This led to a national Civil Rights Movement and the "I have a Dream" speech and one of the largest gatherings of black and white people that the nation's capital had ever seen.
His birthday is celebrated to recognize his work and to support the continued work for civil liberties in this country and throughout the world. I hope you took a few minutes this week to give thanks for these freedoms we enjoy.

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