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October 6, 2019

by Virginia Scott


Busy this week with the final preparation for our annual fundraiser which will be this Saturday, October 12 at 6:30 pm at the Follett Methodist Church. It promises to be an entertaining evening with a sit down dinner, live entertainment and live auction. Please join us, tickets are still available. Tickets are $25 each person .

The staff is trying to organize our various work areas so we leave for our December break with at least an organized slate if not a clean slate.


In the 1919 Lipscomb LimeLight and Follett Times, there was a column occasionally entitled "Slat's Diary" which was from a 12 year old's daily diary. One entry contained the following:
"Friday: Ma & Pa was tawking about news & etc. and they got onto the subjeck of Wimmen sufferage & ma remarked Wont it seen strange when the wimen rule the country & pa replyed & sed not 2 me it wont then they quit tawking & got 2 argueing. They is one 1 thing it is safe for pa 2 start & that 1 thing is a fonograft when ma is Present."

Slat has got to be related to the Skaggs.

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