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March 10, 2013

by Virginia Scott


Georgia is busy arranging a Lipscomb County Sports Display. Items on display range from the 1896 town team photograph to present 2013 teams. The exhibit has photos, trophies, uniforms, and equipment through the years. It promises to be an interesting and fun exhibit. All you former team members need to visit and give us some sport stories for our archives to bring these items alive.

Spring is almost here because our snow birds are returning. Dorothy and Vernon Schoenhals returned last week and She promises to return to us soon. We have as usual projects outstanding.

We are in the process of locating and submitting a grant that will complete the funds needed for our expansion building project. If you have experience in grant writing or funding projects and would be willing to assist us. Please contact us any help will be appreciated.


Last week James Coverdale visited the museum and examined the military photograph that we have displayed of a company of soldiers that we had no information on. James examined the photograph noting insignias,etc. and left stating he would research the information.

He has found that the photo is one of the companies of the 359th Infantry 90th Infantry Division. The photo was taken at fort Dix New Jersey on Feb 22nd 1944 while the unit was training for deployment overseas. He also discovered that the 90th Inf. Div. was a U.S. Army Reserve unit that was activated during WWII and later deactivated at the end of the war. Their patch is a red "T" and an "O" that is lying sideways. This "T" and "O" stands for Texas and Oklahoma where the unit drew most of it's men from. Their motto was "Tough Omres" which is also taken from the "T" and "O". He noted that there are a few Native Americans in the photo.

He also was able to determine that the unit in our photo is a "A" or Alpha Company of the 359th Infantry. He also located the appropriate website that we can communicate with to try to identify the men. However if you have a relative that served in this unit during this period of WWII come by and see if you can identify him.

Having volunteers like James is a treasure to the museum. Thanks James.

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