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January 6, 2019

by Virginia Scott


Another year has started. 2019 promises to be busy one for the museum. We have several projects pending that we need to complete. Our calendar for exhibits is almost complete and the list of exhibitors promises to be entertaining. We still need some programs to schedule so if you have an author or someone who likes to present programs let us know.
Georgia and her helpers from the Follett school completed the recovering of our chairs prior to our December vacation so we have a new look. We also had our annual carpet cleaning completed while we were on vacation.
Our first board meeting will be January 23. The agenda will be announced next week. Two of the items will be evaluating the past year and setting goals for 2019. If you have suggestions let us know.


In 1918 and 1919, the United States was experiencing an epidemic of Spanish influenza.
To attempt to lessen its spread, the County Health Officer of Lipscomb County issued a Quarantine Proclamation for the County. He issued 11 directives:

  1. All public schools to be closed at once

  2. No teachers institute shall be held

  3. No public funeral or public burial shall be held

  4. No public dance shall be permitted

  5. No public sale shall be given

  6. No Christmas or other public entertainments are to be allowed

  7. No public athletic contests or games are to be engaged in

  8. Parents are not to allow their children the liberty of frequenting public streets or other public places or of unnecessarily congregating in considerable numbers at any place.

  9. People are not to assemble in considerable numbers at any place except for the necessary traction of business or for religious worship.

  10. That all persons shall use the well-known influenza antiseptics such as Listerine, etc.

  11. That all persons having influenza, or being members of families in which influenza or suspected influenza exists, shall not leave the premises upon which they live except with the consent and under the direction of the County health Officer.

  12. When the foregoing quarantine regulations are relaxed or abrogated due notice to such effect will be officially give through the public press. In witness whereof, I hereunto affix my official signature, this the 10th day of December 1918. Wilber Dawson, M.D.

The pandemic of 1918-1919 killed more people than the war with 50 to 100 million people world wide. It was caused by the H1N1 virus.

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