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August 5, 2012

by Virginia Scott


A productive week with the core team able to complete projects with our collection. We were also visited by a representative of Amarillo Area Foundation concerning our grant application for our new building. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Hopefully, we will hear by September and can begin our plans for construction.

As you read this we will be almost finished with our Night at the Museum camp for our youngsters. As I write this on Monday, camp will begin tomorrow and we have about five kids scheduled. Hope everyone saw our notices. We will also have had a Wednesday night performance and the final performance is Saturday at 7pm. Please join us.

Higgins celebrated Will Rogers Day and School reunions on Saturday. I hope the heat did not keep the crowds away.


One of the oldest houses in Lipscomb is the Parker House. It has had many remodels and has a great history. It was build in 1890 by William Henry Parker and his wife Mary Etta Brown. It was the only boarding house in Lipscomb and was a focal point in the community. Many cowboys, schoolteachers, courthouse workers, judges, and lawyers stayed in the house. Mrs. Parker ran the boarding house after her husband's death in 1914. Mary Haygood wrote the following poem that expresses the history of the house:

      Outside beyond the starlit sky come panhandle cowboys riding by--
      With the wide open spaces and love of the plains,
      They'll make their way 'round here again.
      It's the little yellow house where everyone goes
      filled with hope and love...
      A place for anyone who needed a home, and
      enjoyed real good grub.
      From doctors, to judges, to lonely ole' souls
      This little house was more than a home.
      It was having a family, and being a friend, to people you knew and strangers walkin' in.
      Oh, the Parkers, they knew how to treat you with pride--
      no matter the shoes that you wore and the memories live on and will survive in the hearts that
      Will keep it alive.
The Parker house is still providing memories to the Lewis Family and to the visitors who come to our little town.

Have a good week.

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