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May 20, 2012

by Virginia Scott


Traveled to Lubbock on Monday evening to attend the Regional THC workshop on Tuesday. The topic was "Saving the Real Places of Texas". The speakers discussed the forms and techniques used to survey areas for historical sites,places, and houses. It was informative as to the purposes and techniques needed to perform a survey. Our commission is in the process of surveying our county for historical sites and documenting our ranches, etc. so the conference was timely for us. I need to thank my husband for keeping the museum for me Tuesday.

Wednesday, we worked on our new archive boxes for housing smaller objects and some objects that were too heavy for our larger boxes. Ann Wright is organizing the project with Dorothy Schoenhals and Georgia Couch. We will be touring the new archive room to anyone interested when finished. Our archive room is really progressing and improves our ability to locate items quickly.

Michael Weinette has added a notebook of his feather designs and creations to his exhibit. He can customize a design for anyone so come and see his work. His reception will be scheduled soon.


I recently received an old newspaper article on the history of the Panhandle by J. Evetts Haley. He had interviewed a Wheeler county resident, J.J. Long who was one of the soldiers who built Fort Elliott, and chased and fought the Indians in this area in the 1870s. He describes the rescue of the German Sisters "The cavalry was pressing the Indians rather close, and just as they came upon the Plains southeast of Where Pampa now stands, Near McClellan Creek, they engaged the Indians in a little fight. The Indians retreated, leaving the Germane sisters in camp. They had no dresses and were tanned almost as dark as the Indians themselves. There was an old Southern doctor in the expedition who took two nightshirts and made them into dresses for the girls." He further writes that they went to a spot on Commission Creek to await a supply train from Fort Supply. That would be the Polly way station near Higgins. The article is very interesting. It is always educational to read first hand accounts of historical events. Mr. Long rode with Custer, Miles, and Mackenzie.

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