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January 2, 2011

by Virginia Scott


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I must say that with the museum closed for the month of December was a good idea but the United States Post Office, other delivery companies, and other businesses did not know to stop delivering to us. First we were notified that our history book would be delivered early, in December. That required us working a day or two. I know Kellie worked a lot mailing books out to those of you who requested mail service. Second, we had to other deliveries of various ordered items.

I am told by our guestbook that we had several holiday visitors. Overall, we all enjoyed our days off and Lovella and I enjoyed being at home. We hope everyone had a great holiday season. It has been very good but otherwise the weather has been nice.

THE LIPSCOMB COUNTY HISTORY BOOK, VOLUME II is in. If you ordered a book you may pick them up here at the museum from Monday thru Friday, 10 am to 4 pm. The book is beautiful and full of great stories and family histories. We have copies available for purchase in the gift shop for $80.

We are starting the new year with our annual student art exhibit. Hopefully, we will receive the art from all the schools during the next two weeks. The exhibit will be up for the months of January and February so plan to visit us. Hopefully, our 2011 schedule will be complete within next few weeks.

Our county historical commission and museum board will be meeting on Monday, January 17, 2011 at 3 pm at the museum. This group meets quarterly to plan and advise the activities of county historical goals and museum business. Public is invited.


In compiling the various histories of our county for Volume II, there were several categories that were lacking documentation. One of these was our medical history. We know that Higgins had the only hospital in the county. It was first in the bank building over the bank. In 1937 it was moved into a house on Main Street and later in the old Grey house. After the tornado in 1947, the government moved in a building near Clara Sansing and the Bartons' homes. In records that were found it was called the Higgins Municipal Hospital. It had 26 rooms. In an article from a newspaper in 1954, it states, Dr. Alfred Redwine announced Saturday that he planned to move his office to Darrouzett August 1. He made the announcement to Earl Wilbur, Chamber of Commerce president, after a special meeting of the Chamber had been called for this past Monday night, July 19, to discuss ways and means of keeping the hospital open. The city has been subsidizing operation of the hospital but has run out of funds for this purpose. In order to continue the subsidy, bonds must be voted by Higgins taxpayers. Dr. Redwine has been practicing in Higgins and operating the local hospital since December of 1953. He came here from Silverton, Texas. The city of Higgins operated the hospital, with Dr. Redwine in charge until November 1, 1953, after which time the city subsidized operation of the hospital $200 per month and turned the entire operation of it over to Dr. Redwine.
In 1955 the name of the hospital found in a newspaper article was Higgins City Hospital. In July of 1961 Dr. G.A. Hort opened his office in the hospital and also lived there with his family. We could not find documentation to when the hospital closed.

We will try to give you interesting tidbits of our history in 2011. Hoping for a prosperous New Year!

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