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January 10, 2016

by Virginia Scott


The snow was nice but the cold went right thru me to my bones. I guess the first real cold is the reason but I am just now getting warm for the first time in a week. The weather has not kept travelers away. We had a geocache visitor over the weekend. He was thrilled to find our cache and enjoyed looking at our wagon and our grounds.

As a reminder, the geocache program is one that you register sites with your GPS location and you hide a small cache of items for the finder to take one if they want and you have a log book that they sign into. they also report to the internet site that they found your site. It is a simple way to get people to our site that may not come otherwise.

We will be holding our first board meeting on the 21st of January. Our agendas should be posted in all five towns either at the post office or cafe, grocery store, or other public places. The public is welcome.
We will be discussing 2016 goals so please provide us with your input.

Lovella is adding up our visitors tally for 2015 and I think we went over the total for last two years. I will report the numbers in a later column.


In the Jan. 27, 1888 issue of the Panhandle Interstate, W.G. McDonald describes Frank Biggers: "Like King Saul, he stands a head and shoulders above his fellows."...He is built on a grand plan, huge of limb, deep breasted and broad shoulders. his face, like his frame, shows power and force, while his nose, if that be indicative of brain power, shows his mind is built in unison with his bulky strength. He has a large, full blue eyes, which shows considerable white when he turns them; but it is not a vicious eye- rather kindly- though watchful, and it is said that 'one cannot get behind in far enough to keep him from seeing and without turning. When he opens hip lips he displays jaws and teeth powerful enough to crunch the bones of an ox. His manners are like his name, "frank" and open, and his smile assures the timid that the great giant is inclined to be friendly. His character is like his body, strong, which makes him bold, and if opposed he becomes aggressive but fortunately for those with whom he comes in contact, he has a strong sense of right....A born leader, he has never known a master since reaching manhood, and his treatment of those under him binds them to him, and they would follow him to the death and die around him.
The description goes on for a full page, but it is clear that He was considered one of Lipscomb County first leaders and heroes.

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