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January 15, 2012

by Virginia Scott


The art work is up and more is on the way. As their standard the students of the county produce colorful, clever, and creative art. We will be open during the lunch time during the stock show so come and see the artwork.

I met with the city council of Higgins to obtain permission for the Quanah Parker Arrow at the city park. They approved the project so I am in the process of submitting the Higgins site and the museum site for arrows. Stay tuned for updates.

We received the information on the required data for the Texas Historical Commission annual report from the county historical commission. It is a lot longer than last year and so this will consume this week and next to complete. Then I can report the attendance data,etc. to you.

Our first Lipscomb County Historical Commission meeting is scheduled for January 26th at 2:30 pm at the Museum. The public is welcome to attend.


The Library in Higgins donated the gavel used by the "The Magazine Club" of Higgins. The club was organized in 1904 and federated with the Texas organization in 1922. We have their annual yearbooks from 1911 to 1976. The 1911 group met every Wednesday at 3pm. Members were Nellie Adkins, Hattie Ewing, Beth Henwood, Martha Belle Nail, Lucy Harris, Nannie Word, Susie Word, Emma Winsett, Jessie Winsett, Lola Sewell, Florence Winsett, and Mattie Sebits.

The course of study for the year was Russia. They read the history of Russia, then studied the religions, educational systems, music, and natural resources. They also discussed the world politics and important Russian political figures and leaders. Examples of the discussion topics were "The New Woman in the Industrial World" presented by Mrs. Winsett and "Russian International Affairs" presented by Mrs. Ewing

In the 1976-77 booklet, meetings were held fortnightly. Members listed were Emma Bergquist, Ms.Lloyd Bussard, Mrs. Harry House, Mrs. Baxter Hurn, Mrs. H.P. Kutchinski, Mrs. C.C. Newcomer, Mrs. Nell Spiller, Mrs. Pearl Stanford, Mrs. Lillian Vial, Mrs. J.B. Weis, and Mrs. E.S. Wynn. Their program topics focused on Texas Heritage, Home Life, Health, Americanism, and Conservation.

The following quotations are in the yearbooks and I think express the dedication and motivation of the Ladies of Lipscomb County:

I'm only one but still I am one
I cannot do everything but still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do something that I can do.
— author unknown

I see not a step before me, as I tread in another year
But the past is still in God's keeping, the future His mercy shall clear
And what looks dark in the distance, may brighten as I draw near.
— Mary G. Brainard

Have a great year.

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