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January 12, 2014

by Virginia Scott


We are getting back in the routine of the museum. A board meeting will be held on the 22nd of January at 2pm. The main agenda item will be 2014 goals and the new building. The public is invited to join us and participate in our discussion.

The new addition will provide us with a permanent meeting area and area for our programs. We will be planning for an opening event so if you have an idea for us, please call. We are excited about our new space and look forward to sharing it with everyone.


Eldora Barton wrote a historical article in the summer 1991 for the historical society about Mr. Orr's grocery/post office in the early 1900's. Mr. Orr who ran the grocery store/ post office had marbles in a container that must have been an old pickle tub. A hole was cut in the top just large enough for a man to squeeze in a finger or two and try for as many marbles as possible, which cost a nickel a try. When Eldora was about four years old, my dad, W.K. Barton, used to put her on the horse behind him and take her with him the half mile or so to the store and the Saturday marble shoot. I could get my hand in the marble tub and was invited by all the boys to try for marbles for each of them, but a higher authority. (Mr.Orr and her dad) said no.

How many of you still have your marbles? Do kids today even play marbles?

Have a good week.

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