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May 31, 2015

by Virginia Scott


The column is short this week because I am recovering from either a summer cold or the flu. I journeyed to Borger last Friday to a meeting of the Northwest Texas Museum Association to discuss whether this organization should be disbanded. It has not been active for two years and the last three museums, ours, Borger, and Mobeetie have been meeting to discuss it fate. At this point it appears that there is interest in the Lubbock area to keep it active. We will keep you informed. When I returned from Borger, I was fine until Sunday morning and I could not get out of bed, coughing, fever, dizzy, etc. So much for that.

We are continuing to develop the new area with new exhibits. In doing this we have need for new equipment, tables, etc. to assist in our new displays. At present we are in need of two tables. Their dimensions are: 1) about 15 inches square and 24 inches to 28 inches high, 2) could be a desk or table about 4 foot wide and 28 inches high.
If you have a table that meets these dimensions and are willing to donate it to the museum, bring it to us or call and we will arrange pick up.


For your consideration this week, I offer you this poem from the January 1988 issue of CO-OP POWER :
                World's Greatest Need
                A little more kindness
                    and a little less greed;
                A little more giving
                    and a little less need;
                A little more smile
                    and a little less groan;
                A little less kicking
                    when someone is down;
                A little more "we"
                    and a little less "I";
                A little more laugh
                    and a little less cry;
                A little more flowers
                    on the pathways of life
                And  fewer on graves
                    at the end of strife.

Have a good week

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