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September 15, 2013

by Virginia Scott


Busy Wednesday with updating our mailing list, stuffing renewal letters, and the usual archival business. The museum also busy with the new exhibit. This time of the month every two months is busy with one exhibit coming down and another going up. Dick Wilberforce is our featured artist photographer for October thru November. His photographs of the local wildlife are wonderful. If you want a up close and personal look at our birds, cats, and fighting bulls, you must come by and view his photographs.

His reception will be held on the same Sunday as our fall lecture series featuring Alex Hunt. So put Sunday, September 29th at p.m. on your calendar. Mr. Hunt is a professor of History at West Texas State University and promises an interesting talk on our local past.

Our area is getting ready to have filmmaker in the Amarillo and surrounding area. There is a call for actors occurring in Amarillo so if you want to be in the movies contact the Amarillo chamber for information.

REMINDER: Our annual fundraiser will be October 26, 2013 at 6:30 pm. The Outlaws will entertain us and the food is a BBQ dinner. Tickets are $15.00 each or $25.00 for couple.


Continuing with Ms. Wheatley remembrances, this week she continues to discuss their grooming practices: "All curls were homespun. Powder was used freely by some, sparingly by others. I recall only one that used rouge and she was not one with character above reproach. For daily use a sunbonnet was indispensable. Every farm woman and girl owned one, it protected the face from sun and wind and was responsible for the many good complexions....
I remember I had $1.00 to invest and was in need of a dress. I went to Maysville ( remember she is in Kentucky), the county seat, with a neighbor to purchase material. In looking around this woman went into a jeweler's shop, with me following. In the show case was the prettiest set of ear screws, or ear bobs as they were called then. I was tempted to invest my dollar, that was the price, but common sense told me the dress was badly needed and would cover more territory, so I turned sorrowfully away. I did so want the pretty ear screws. I remember the material I bought instead, a gray brocade, half wool, half cotton with a flowered figure or weave. 25 cents a yard and I bought 4 yards. I used it that summer, hot material though it was, and had a good winter dress also. At that time, lawn, a thin cotton material could be bought at 5 cents per yard and a very fine quality at 12-1/2 or 15 cents. "

Amazing how our lives evolve and how our priorities change. These remembrances give us insight on why people say "Oh, for the good ole days."

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