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March 26, 2017

by Virginia Scott


We had a great crowd Sunday for Doug Ricketts reception. Everyone enjoyed hearing Doug's chat on how he started his furniture building and visiting with him during the reception. It was good seeing everyone with some new faces that were impressed with our facility. That always pleases us.
We thank the out of state visitors, delivering hay and feed to our county for the farmers and ranchers, who have stopped by the museum and learned about our county.
We are enjoying having time to complete projects, research requests, and planning other events.
NEXT BOARD MEETING IS APRIL 19TH at 2 pm. please plan to attend.


Continuing our visit to Lipscomb County 100 years ago, we have the following description of Lipscomb by the editor:
"From all appearance Lipscomb is beginning to pick up. She is commencing to put on her gandy rags as she never did before. New houses are on the build and others are anticipated People are beginning to think the old town and country is a pretty good one and nearly every day someone is coming in from elsewhere with the intention of purchasing a few acres of this county's fine soil for future homes. Lipscomb county peculiar, as it may seem, is as about as sure in crop raising as any other that the sun shines on."
This seems true for out of the burned areas, the greenest grass is growing. Have a good week.

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