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October 1, 2017

by Virginia Scott


We were busy this week getting ready for the Follett parade and celebration. The museum will have three entries in the parade. We will also have a booth with our books for sale. Please stop by and visit. Membership information and tickets for our annual fundraiser November 4 will be available for sale. This years fundraiser we have a new caterer with ham and roast beef on the menu, tickets are $25 each.

This week is the transition week with our featured artist changing. October and November is Pine Gregory. We will also have a Program on Sunday, October 22 at 2 pm on World War I by Mel Griswold speaking on the The Great War and the Women of the Panhandle.


Here are two filler articles in the September 27, 1917 issue of the "Limelight":

An Efficiency Study: "Bliggins is doing even less work than he used to do." Yes. He has gotten into the way of whistling time for himself and others, standing around talking about efficiency."

Soldiers and Officers: The lieutenant was testing the squad in visional power. "Tell me, No. 1," he said, "how many men are in the trench digging party over there?" "Thirty men and one officer," was the reply. "Quite right. But how do you know one was an officer at this distance?" "Cos he's the only one not working!"

Have a good week and join us Saturday in Follett.

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