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A Museum of History and Art in historic Lipscomb, Texas
Map 13310 Highway 305 · P.O. Box 5
Lipscomb, Texas 79056
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Often referred to as the best museum of its size and population, Wolf Creek Heritage Museum has as its mission, to preserve the history of Lipscomb County. The museum attempts to do this by telling the story of its people and the evolution of the immigration of these people to the Panhandle.

The museum's exhibits explore the social and historical significance of the early settlers through current day.

The museum also sponsors art exhibits featuring local artists. Preserving the work of local artists is another of the museum's major goals.

Wolf Creek Heritage Museum is a non-profit organization operated by a volunteer board and staff. All funds are used for operating costs and/or for specific projects. The county government provides the museum with a portion of its operating costs.

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