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August 10, 2014

by Virginia Scott


We are progressing with all of our new exhibits. Wednesday looked like a garden party for our childhood with Lovella, Irene, and Fern working on the display of toys from Lois Scheer Laubhan. The exhibit is going to bring back a lot of childhood memories for all who visit. It will also reveal to other generations have toys used to be made. One section of our new area will be dedicated to toys so it will be a great place for kids of all ages to visit. We also have an original Shirley Temple Doll from Alice Balch who received the doll from her mother, Rahama Balch on Christmas Eve, 1936.

I also received a email today, offering us a large pair of overalls so all our wishes are coming true. We have scheduled two other loans that our to arrive this week so I hope to have some other good news next week.

It is time we start our programs again and we have been offered a great program to open the season with. Doris Akers and Kathryn Paul are opening their gardens to visitors on Sept 14 (a Sunday Afternoon) as a fundraiser for the museum. You will end up at the museum for refreshments and will hopefully see most our new area. Stay tuned for more details and posters announcing the event.


I am revisiting the columns of Ms. Wheatley's autobiography in the Kiowa Valley Independent, June 25, 1963: "Sometime during the years we lived on the Plains with children within school age, there must have been a scarcity of men for trustees, or perhaps none inclined to serve. Three women of the neighborhood were elected to serve without any electioneering on their part, or even a desire to serve. I have forgotten just how or why it happened. Mrs. Draper, Mrs. Balch and I were the honored women. We had heard much from a neighbor how her boy had advanced by leaps and bounds under the teaching of a former teacher in another school. This man, now well along in years, was available.
We had had teachers that didn't bear down too heavily on mathematics, also other studies, so we counted ourselves very fortunate. The deal was make at his own price at $150.00 a month. He may have been an outstanding teacher in earlier years but he was a sad disappointment in his 49th or 50th year. The old fellow got good pay for one years of his teaching. ...There must have been a good supply of money on hand and no complaint was heard, but we were never called on to serve on the board again. This can be said in his favor, he was exceedingly good in putting over a "literary party" or social at times during the winter. He gave many readings which were always good. The pupils and patrons helped occasionally.... After teaching so many years for $40 or $50 a month it could have been his salary that year that caused exuberance of spirit. I think this was the fall and winter of 1924, now in 1949 it would be counted very little.

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