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April 16, 2017

by Virginia Scott


I am still recovering but I am back at the museum and spent one morning answering emails, etc. There ought to be an auto button that could answer and clean email while a person is sick or out of town. That said, the museum is having fun planning upcoming events. First, We are going to start a genealogy gathering in June. This will be a gathering for people interested in researching their family histories and want to explore the various resources available. We will learn from each other and share our collective knowledge. Stay tuned for the date and time for first gathering.
Second, We are going to have a Bingo Party as a fundraiser. Don't worry we have check out all the State rules and regulations and have clearance that the Party is legal and safe.
Lastly, We are having a Tea Party. We held these in the past and stopped during our fundraising and expansion projects so now we are starting them again. Mark your calendar for May 7 at 2 pm. Wear your favorite hat and bring your favorite tea cup. You can also bring finger foods, cookies, etc. to share with the group. It promises to be a fun afternoon.


When asked to describe the writing style of the Skagg brothers, people have said "unique", "wordy", "flowery", etc. Here is an Easter example of their style : " Elder Nance, of Hereford, Texas, presided at the Easter services at the Sand Creek school house last Sunday where a good sized congregation was present and a jolly good time presented as well. On Monday evening the talented talker of the Good Word preached an able and instructive sermon at the Union Church. Although the crowd present not being the largest they were an appreciative accumulation of listeners."
I am going to have to practice my use of adjectives and adverbs. Have a good week.

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