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October 23, 2011

by Virginia Scott


A busy week, Wednesday was quiet with most of our core group running around to family and doctor's appointments. On Thursday, I went to the Texas Plains Trail meeting in Canadian. It was great to visit and meet with this group again and hear all the great things going on. Our county is a member supporter of this THC program in our 52 county region and it is this group that advertising and carrys the tourist message of our region to groups throughout the tri state area. A new program that is occurring is the Quanah Parker Trail and I will going to a meeting in Snyder this week to learn more about the program. Stay tuned.

The big event of the week was Saturday with our Barbeque fundraiser. It was a great success with close to 70 people attending and we raised close to $700. We had a lot of new faces along with the faithful ones and great conversations were occurring at every table. Lance Bussard gave a wonderful presentation on his hobby looking for artifacts with a metal detector. He had several cases for display with all his finds. He also spoke of the local work on locating Kiowa camps.

Remember this is the last week to view Amy Winton's paintings.


We are still cleaning out old scrapbooks and this past week we examined a brownie scout book. In it was a report by Kathy Cook on their ride on the Doodle bug. Here it is :

"One day our leaders asked us if we would like to ride on the "Doodle Bug". We all said, "yes". They told us we could.
We walked to the depot. First we went to the drug store and got us a coke. Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Green went to Follett to meet us. Mr. and Mrs. Seay and Dona came down to the depot. Mr. Seay took some pictures of us. Dana wanted to go with us. Her mother and daddy said she could. We all got us a chair. Our leaders said we could each get a cup of water. It wasn't a very long trip but we surely enjoyed it. When we got to Follett we got to go through the engine. We had a real nice time."

Just one of the memories we hear when people come into the museum and see the painting of the Doodle Bug. The train played an important role in the daily lives of the Panhandle during the 1900's.

Thought for the week: The goal of yesterday will be the starting point of tomorrow. Carlyle.

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