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September 13, 2015

by Virginia Scott


This is my second attempt at writing this week's column. The electricity went off in the middle of my first attempt and I lost the column.
The response to Pam Haines doll collection has been wonderful. It has been fun watching the reaction to these life-like babies. You must arrange time to come see them. Pam's reception is scheduled for October 4 at 2 pm. Mark your calendar .
We also have two other events in October. On the 18th, Lance Bussard will present his county archeology finding for the Texas Historical Commission archeology month program. On the Oct. 24th , it will be our annual fundraiser. All of these events promises to be fun and informative.


As they do some renovations on the courthouse, it must be noted that the gable roofs over the main entrances to the courthouse underwent renovation in 1987. In order to get a true idea of what problems existed, a hole was cut in each roof and access hatches were installed. These gable "attics" had not been disturbed since the completion of the courthouse in 1916. The sunlight shining through the hatches revealed piles of rubble, concrete bricks, cloth masonry sacks and scrap lumber all covered by 70 years of dust. A nearly full pack of R. J. Reynolds "reyno" cigarettes were found next to a back wall, and appeared no worse for wear.
The pack is still on display in our new general store in the new addition.

Have a good week.

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