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November 4, 2018

by Virginia Scott


I have to correct an error in last week's column. I wrote "Wednesday was our last board meeting" and it should have read "is" our last board meeting for the year. It will be held on Wednesday, November 14, at 3 pm. So you can still attend if you wish.

The courthouse staff are beginning to move to other locations so when you visit us you can expect new looks in our meeting room and back exhibit hall.

A representative from THC will visit us on Wednesday, the 7th (yesterday) if you are reading this on Thursday. I will report on her visit next week.

Remember, that we will be open during December.


In the Limelight on Nov. 7, 1918, they reported the following:
"Tonight Lipscomb will tear loose and make a big noise, the church bells will ring- the shot guns will belch forth with their reports and the toot of the band boys horn will be heard and it is all on account of the news arriving that Germany had surrendered. A big bon fire with her tar and oils will illuminate the main streets proper and all the daddies and kiddies will be in at the warming. Many of the good citizens will be aroused from their slumber and run forth expecting some big conflagration as it is the first time a bell has been sound in the old town for nearly five weeks. It will be a glad sound and the sore spots of the awaking will vanish with the arising of the ascending smoke as they appear upon the scenes and join in with the yells of a pleased people. The central girls will be "pulling the plugs" and answering the calls from the rural people in close proximity to the old town to know 'What's the blazes?' when to their surprise they will learn that 'Germany has surrendered and the Kaiser slipped his anchor.' While it's upon a rumor, yet 'tis hoped to be true - it's a good 'noise' to hear so let her go."

It is nice to read the actual accounts of how people received the news of war ending and think about the events as we approach Veterans Day next Sunday, the 11th.

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