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January 30, 2011

by Virginia Scott


The student art show is up with more coming in everyday. As usual the kids are entertaining, creative, and talented. With these days of tight budgets, TAC testing, and limited resources, art is sometimes eliminated. We appreciate our schools for not forgetting how the arts with music broaden our children’s ability to think, be creative, and be better students. Please come by and see the exhibit to say thanks to our students.

As I write this column, the weather reports are not good. It appears we are in store for a real winter storm. If you are reading this on Thursday or Friday, the storm at least let the newspaper continue. We need moisture but I am afraid as usual the wind will be the delivery man. I hope everyone stays home and stays warm.

The delivery of the books is l progressing well. We have made posters to post around the towns to announce the books arrival. Please help us let everyone know that they are here. We also have books for sale.


In planning events we are always getting confused on how old the county is and how old Lipscomb the town is. There is also the questions of which is older.

Here are the facts:
The state of Texas created the county in 1876. According to the Senate Journal, May 23, 1876, the senate passed Senate Bill No 61 "An Act to divide Young and Bexar territories into counties, and defining the boundaries thereof, and of certain other counties there in named". House of Representatives passed the House Bill of same name on August 21,1876. Organizing the county took another 10 years with Frank Biggers and Tom Connell leading the way with the organization and designation of Lipscomb as county seat. The Panhandle Interstate reports in May 20, 1887 that they went to Austin with the papers for proof of an "organized" county. The county was divided into voting precincts “ the court has run the lines east and west clear through the county. Precinct No. 4 is on the south side and nine miles wide, No. 1 lies north of No. 4 and is seven miles wide. No. 2 lies north of No. 1 and is seven miles wide, and No. 3 extends to the north line of the county."

Therefore we have to birthdays: state created in 1876, state recognized as organized in 1887. So which is our true birthday.

Stay Warm and enjoy a good book.

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