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November 24, 2013

by Virginia Scott


A quiet week with the museum staff completely last minute projects and tidying up to close for the season. This will be the last column for 2013 and the museum will be closed this week and the month of December for the staff's vacation and holidays. We will open in January to start the new year.

Construction on our new addition will continue and weather permitting we will be planning an open house as part of our new year celebrations.

I attended the seminar on fundraising last week and it was very helpful with the State laws concerning fundraising in regard to tax deductions, donations, etc. I was pleased that we are doing everything correctly thanks to our great CPAs and County Secretary and Judge. I did learn a few ideas on different fundraisers that might be enjoyable and help us raise funds at the same time.

As mentioned in previous letters, We need someone to translate letters from Barcelona, Spain written in Spanish to a Lipscomb County pen pal in the 1920's. Call or write us if interested.


In the 1951 issue of the Lipscomb Lime Light and Follett Times, the column 'From where I sit...by Joe Marsh was entitled "Talks Turkey"- Long Distance'. the column was copyright 1951 by the United States Brewers Foundation. Here is the column for your Thanksgiving enjoyment.

"Some people chuckled when Sonny Fisher rented a home recording machine to record the noise his flock of turkeys make. 'I sent the recording to a buyer for a super market chain.' Sonny said. 'I told them, My turkeys speak for themselves-listen to this record!' 'Why did they want the record?' I asked him. 'Very simple, he says. 'They're going to play it over the loud speakers in their stores-and then an announcer on another record reminds the customers that turkeys are plentiful and a good buy.' From where I sit, it's not always smart to make fun of someone just because he does things a little differently. I think a glass of beer is the most refreshing beverage there is. Yes-or Sonny-may prefer something else. But who's to decide one's right and the other's wrong? Let's stay "on record" that everyone's entitled to his own tastes and opinion. "

a clever beer ad and to sell turkey meat. Enjoy your Holidays.

This is the last column for 2013. The museum will be closed the month of December. Those of us who live in Lipscomb will be around if there is special company that would like to visit just call us. Until 2014

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