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February 4, 2018

by Virginia Scott


A week which allows us to clean, reorganize, research, and be creative. On Wednesdays, the core group is like a small bee hive with each of us going in a different direction on one of our many projects. At this time of the year with our evaluating our goals, preparing our financials for submission to our tax group, and inventorying our collection.

We are researching new items for the gift shops. If you haven't seen our new T-shirts and Aprons, you need to come see us. The state wildflowers have sold out and we are in process of reordering them.

The student art has been judged and we are looking forward to the Reception and awards ceremony on February 25th.

Reminder on monthly events:
Genealogy is on the 4th Wednesday at 3 pm
Bingo in on the fourth Saturday of month (this month is February 24th)


You have probably seen the poster or heard the saying "Loose Lips sink Ships." In the February 22,1918 issue of the Limelight, they published the following report from the Division Publicity Bureau, Nineteen Division, February 12, 1918:
"The possibilities of too free discussion of matters of military importance are brought clearly before the people of the country today in the recent sinking of the transport "Tuscania" and the loss of many lives. This disaster was a result unquestionably of the enemies knowledge of the route of the boat. Spies in the employ of the German Government secured such information possibly from innocent sources.
...Several contingents from Camp Travis were numbered among those on the sunken transport brings closer than ever the extreme necessity of using caution and good judgment in everything that might rebound to injury to those who are serving."

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