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September 22, 2019

by Virginia Scott


A quiet week which gives us a chance to clean our desks, examine our exhibits, and plan future exhibits and plans.
A first phase of a historical commission project has been completed. Through a gift by Jean Weiss we are restoring the storefront of her family store in Higgins. The first phase was to paint the Weiss sign. It has been completed. The next is to restore the windows and doors. Stay tuned for updates.

The Texas Plains Trail Board will be having their strategic planning meeting in October. This is the meeting, the group plans it goals, objectives, and projects for next year. I will be attending so if there is a panhandle project you think we need to pursue, let me know.

REMINDER: Our annual fundraiser will be October 12, 6:30 pm in Follett at the Fellowship Hall, Methodist Church. Tickets are $25/person. You can call for reservations at 806-852-2123. There will be food, fun, and live entertainment. Our auction will be a live one this year.


The following announcement appeared in the Sept. 25, 1919 issue of Lipscomb Limelight:
This week carpenters have been busy at work on a building just south of the Follett Garage for Laubhan & Insminger that will be used as a pantatorium and tailor shop. This is another line that has been left open for some time and without doubt the new firm will do a flourishing business in the Busy Town.
The current dictionary does not have pantatorium listed. We are assuming that it refers to making pants or slacks.

Have a good week.

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