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July 6, 2014

by Virginia Scott


We had a nice vacation last week and a quite 4th of July. It was great having a little rain and Lipscomb is green with a great splash of wild flowers. The turkeys have ventured up from the creek and providing their morning and evening parades.

The museum is gradually taking place and the new exhibits will start to develop. Georgia is doing a wonderful job leading us in forming the new areas. We hope to have our model train in place soon and we will be receiving other items. We have received multiple offers of gifts and we appreciate everyone for their generosity. The Wiley family from Follett have generously provided us with furniture for our conference room. So slowly but surely the museum new spaces are coming alive.

The Lipscomb County Historical Commission and Museum Board will be on July 17th at 2 pm in our new conference area. These meetings are open to the public with agendas posted at the courthouse, post office, and museum.


On June 25, 1963 Postmaster Lula M. Winfough announced Darrouzett's new five-digit ZIP Code of 79024. "Everyone in Darrouzett, Texas will use this ZIP Code on all their correspondence to speed mail deliveries and reduce the chance of mis-sent mail," said Postmaster Winfough.

ZIP Code, the Post Office Departments' revolutionary new system of improved mail dispatch and delivery went into effect nationally on July 1, 1963. The Postmaster stated that "With ZIP Code, a clerk needs only to glance at the code to know immediately to what national area, state and post office the letter is destined, and to speed it on its way, cutting up to 24 hours off the time between deposit and delivery" and Miss Winfough concluded her announcement with "when ZIP Code is in full swing, the United States will have "the most modern system of mail distribution and delivery in existence."

Another system celebrating over 50 years of operation. Time passes by quickly.

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