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September 20, 2020

by Virginia Scott


The quarterly board meeting was held last Wednesday and was attended by almost all board members. The main action item was the approval of the new shelving for our archive room. We will be proceeding with this project. If anyone wishes to contribute specifically to this project we will be making a special plaque to place on the wall so recognizing the contributions. We will keep you informed of our progress.

We will be rotating some of our art collection to refresh the exhibit in our art room. It has refreshed our volunteers memories about our past exhibits and giving us ideas for maybe revisiting some of the past successes.

The 2020 Christmas ornament from Texas is in. We only order 3 and have 2 left so if you are a collector, please come by.


Lipscomb has had a long tradition of feeding our county's wild turkeys. I was told that when I move here that we were to put out corn for the turkeys since they travel through town in the morning and return in the evening. The train that traveled from Shattuck, Oklahoma and Etter, Texas also had these instructions. In our Volume II history book on our train it was disclosed that "The 'conductor' would carry five-gallon buckets of grain on the train and at certain places would "sound the whistle" and turkeys would come near the train waiting for the "meal". It would bring smiles to the passengers. "
We have a smaller group this year but they are still fun to watch especially when the male are courting the females.

Have a good week.

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