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July 5, 2009

by Virginia Scott


The museum is in our summer mode. Lots of visitors and we are busy researching different topics for those who visit us. The best news is that I have my computer back and I can answer the email that was in it when it had its stroke and I can also get to work on our schedule and newsletter. There is also several other projects that have been waiting for "the brain".

Ann is busy organizing our books and evaluating the condition of each volume. We have had to isolate several volumes due to mold or decaying due to age. The mold can spread to other books so we have to isolate and probably destroy the volume unless it is a very rare or important book. Fortunately, these we have are not in that category. Everyone else is busy dealing with the work and donations that come in during the week.

Please remember to bring your out of town guests the museum. We have good air conditioning and delightful exhibits. Mark your calendar for our reception for Jean Weis and book signing for Elaine Littau for Saturday, July 18, 2009 at 4 pm.


As Ann inventories our collection, she brings us books , pamphlets, brochures, or booklets that don't really meet the purpose of our mission of our collections. This week she gave me "Forty years behind the Lid" by Richard Bolt. This little book records Mr. Bolt's life as a Chuckwagon Cook on ranches through the area from the 6666 to the Matador Ranch. He took his father's place as the cook on the Moon Ranch after his death and he was not yet a teenager. He records that the cowboys were very kind and considerate of a boy who was trying very hard by telling him stories about his father's cooking and encouraging him to continue to keep trying.

The booklet contains recipes for typical chuckwagon dishes like sourdough biscuits, flapjacks, and bread. Campfire cake and cowboys puddin' pie are listed as favorite desserts. The meat dishes included the dishes at branding time with calf fries, sweet bread, and calf brains. He ends his recipes with his method for making chuckwagon coffee. His method is as follows: "At night before closing up the chuckbox put about half pound of coffee in the fresh washed coffee pot. Pour 2 gallons cold water over the fresh coffee and let stand over night. The next morning place the pot on the fire and heat until it starts to simmer. This way the water soaks the flavor from the coffee and the ground are already settled to the bottom of the pot. "

He admits that each cook had his own method of making the coffee but a pot of coffee is soon gone regardless of who makes it . An interesting book that documents the tips and techniques of the chuckwagon cook without whom the cowboy would not have been fed. If you have stories about our chuckwagon cooks for our ranches, please contribute them to our archives.

Have a great week.

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