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April 1, 2012

by Virginia Scott


I apologize that we did not provide a column last week. Georgia and I hit the road on Monday morning to travel to San Antonio for the annual meeting of the Texas Association of Museums. It was my intention to write the column that evening at our motel but I could not get internet reception from our hotel nor in San Antonio. I would receive the message "too weak to transmit". So I never got through.

Our trip was clear weather the whole way with the bluebonnets at peak bloom. They were thick and beautiful throughout the state. The state was also beautifully green a wonderful contrast to the black and brown landscape that we saw last year.

Our meetings were full of new ideas, new technology, and wonderful information that we can use in planning our exhibits and goals for future projects. One of our keynote speakers was Susan Raymond, PhD. who is an economist and specialist in the economics for non-profits. She spoke on strategies that non-profits should consider during hard economic times. Nice advice for especially all volunteer groups.

On the Sunday before we left, the museum hosted a reception for Rebecca Ashley. It was a nice day so the crowd was good. The paintings of Rebecca's were well received and she had a very productive day with multiple sells. It is always rewarding when our community supports our artists through their attendance and their purchases. We thank each of everyone of you for supporting our program for local artists. Rebecca's art will be on display until the end of April.

Lastly, the Board for both the Lipscomb County Historical Commission and the Museum will meet at the museum on April 10, Tuesday at 2:30 pm. The public is welcome to attend. The meeting is a way to obtain an overview of what our group does and we are in need of volunteers that was to assist with our projects and programs.


The Wednesday Core Team is filtering through some old issues of Lipscomb County Newspaper for obituiaries and other interesting articles and tidbits. One of these items was encouraging women to make War Bread. The article gives the following directions :
One cup sweet milk, 1 cup white flour, 1 cup maize, kafir or feterita flour, 2 Tablespoons fat, 2 tablespoons sugar, 4 teaspoons Baking powder (level), 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 egg. Sift dry material first, Beat all together thoroughly, pour into well greased muffin pans and bake in quick oven.
It further instructs: In making the WAR BREADS, it is necessary to use a part white flour as the other flours lack in gluten and do not stick together well and as it is necessary to conserve the white flour, we urge all housekeepers to START NOW making the WAR BREADS. You will find them not only healthful but delicious.

I wonder if this was true. We also have an edition of the Woman's Cook Book for Wartime Cooking. Recipes utilizing the ration portions of eggs, sugar, etc. We recognize the military veterans of our wars, we also need to recognize and thank the women, children, and men that were on the home front doing all they could for the war effort.

If anyone has maize, Kafir, or feterita, bring them to us and we will make some WAR BREAD for our next reception.

Thought for the week : "It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." Eleanor Roosevelt.

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