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June 2, 2019

by Virginia Scott


The rain continues and we are green with lots of wild flowers. Enjoy this nice weather and remember it this August. The museum community room hosted the citizens of Lipscomb Saturday for a community dinner to welcome our new citizens. The event was planned and hosted by Mary Wright, the event was well attended and the population of Lipscomb, we believe, has reached a new high with almost every house filled with families. A very nice happening.

The museum continues to receive items to add to our collection; we also are awaiting the start of the courthouse restoration when we will house some of the county offices. Stay tuned for further developments.

June has arrived and please put on your schedule Sunday, June 9, 2 pm for the reception for Ronda Born and a book signing for Marlon Sparks.


Dr. C.A. Newland was one of the first doctors in Lipscomb County. In the June, 1919 issue of the LimeLight he submitted this plea to the citizens of Lipscomb:

"Owing to my absence from the community for more than a year and on resuming my practice among the home folk the necessity for bills to be paid when the work is finished is very important on account of unavoidable expenses that occur. Yet, in cases where bills can not be settled at the time all good business people will consider it no more than fair to settle their account within thirty days with a good bankable note. We do not mean to be harsh with our patrons who have been so loyal, though however, under these days of expensive living, it is nothing more than plain business that the doctor needs the money to do business with the same as those in other lines of business under like conditions. Good business people will take no offense at this mild request, but perhaps there will be some who will fell indifferent, yet we must expect our bills settled in at least thirty days in order to stay in business. We Thank you, Respectfully, Dr. C.A. Newland."

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