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February 23, 2020

by Virginia Scott


An active weekend with our County Student Art Exhibit Reception. More than 100 people were present to see the students receive their awards. The following is a list of the recipients:
Darrouzett Elementary Winners: Yocelin Rivera, Maria Garicia, Camila Ceniceros, Jasmin Ceniceros, Eli Willis, Josiah, Yesmi, Valeria (no last names provided)

Follett Elementary Winners: Sofia Chavea, Jorge Aguilar, Asher Callahan, Yasmin Hernandez, Dayla Olquin, Oscar Ramerez, Lily Williamson, Jhett (last name not given.)

Follett High School Winners: Abbi Redman, Jillian Welch, and Ruth Jones

Booker Elementary Winners: Rylee Hopkins, Carter Miller, Grayson Trejo, Aubrey Cervantes, Kinley McMullen, Paityn Lovins, Joanna Mandez, Jacqueline Valenzuela, Sindy Garcia, Harper Duke, Jacquelline Lozano, Wyatt McDonald, Kamyla Ponce, Aiden Morgan, Walter Xet Say, Melany Agostin, Palina Gaytan and Encarnasiona Solis.

Booker High School Winners: Carla Rosales, Ruby Sanchez, Graciela Ramos, Ian Guzman, Diana Rosales, Iselle Rosales, Tristan Bartosiewicz, Nicole Martinex, Kreed Goldsmith, Keelie Burt, and Chloe Chisum.

We thank all the schools and teachers for participating in this exhibit each year with a special thanks to our judges, Teresa Meyer and Kellye Oral.

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