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May 17, 2015

by Virginia Scott


I am pleased to announce that our newsletter is back. Dorothy and Lovella formatted and wrote the articles . We have to thank Higgins School for printing them for us. Look for them to be mailed later this week.
Entitled the Lipscomb County Historical Commission and Wolf Creek Heritage Museum newsletter, It contains a bit of all our happenings and current events.

In our annual report to the state we reported an annual attendance of 720 visitors. Volunteer hours of 1696. website visits of 6,414. Because of our report and the accomplishments of the commission , we received our distinguished service award . Another productive year.

Present Exhibit is Wayne Paul's "Spur of the Moment" Exhibit. It is one of a kind. Come and enjoy.

On a personal note, I was in Shattuck this weekend, and talk to several people who read our column . Thanks so much for letting us know you like what we are doing. Feedback good and bad is always appreciated.


In the April 15, 1915 "Lipscomb Limelight" posted the following, author unknown. Died- Last part of last week from complication of natural causes, at the age of about fifteen months, the Lipscomb Military Band. It had survived the cold an chilly blasts of the winter days, had been nourished through the teething period in safety and would have been able to toddle alone with another twelve months growth, but such is fate. a flower bloometh in the spring, spreads its brilliant leaves to the light of the sun for a time with its sweet fragrance blown to the breezes and its no more; so it is with the band, the pride of Lipscomb, it has furnished the musical notes that entertained the crowds on the fourth, pleased the gatherings at church socials and school houses, without that which to sustain life, it succumbs to the fate of the times and dwindles into oblivion. It grieves Lime Light that this be so. Our sympathy is with the mourners who have been such zealous tooters. And as we scatter the last garland of flowers we cherish the thought all is well that ends well.

This is the most elaborate obit for an organization, I have ever read. It must have been a great band. Will try to find articles on them.

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